Despite the availability of massive computing power at almost every workstation, transforming a short series of data into a chart quickly turns into a tormenting tour.

How long would it take you to turn time series into a chart?

The solution is called NOW.CX.

How it works

Simply upload your data sheets to NOW.

  • Copy & Paste it to NOW or
  • Upload the corresponding csv-file
  • Download it from AllThatStats (for ATS licensees only)

Present your data.

  • Create charts
  • Run the data in motion views
  • Show tables

Run statistical ad-hoc-analyses.

  • Build indexes
  • Calculate growth rates
  • Create aggregated time series
  • Interpolate missing values
  • Forecast time series
  • Make your work public.
  • Share it with your colleagues.
  • Save your work in your personal NOW library.